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60's Fender Emblems


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Guest Jim_Edwards

Not only do I enjoy those emblems I enjoy the cars they adorned. The cars themselves were a work of art both inside and out. One of these days maybe we'll see cars once again represent something other than Me To Blah.

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MANY nice looking emblems with genuine styling! Back then . . . the one which I would be in the mose "awe" to see on the side of a car would have been the Ford 427 emblem. I had no interest in the "hot rod" Pontiacs back then. The Chevy emblems usually were the nicest looking, but for the mainstream USA non-GM enthusiast, the Ford 427 was "it". Of course, the Chrysler 426 HEMI would have been neat too, but there were probably many more Ford 427s around than the 426 HEMIs, I suspect.

Lots of neat things back then!


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