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1932 Olds transmission


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Does any one know a supplier of New Departure Bearings? I'm trying to track down a 5100 or a 5100A2 bearing for a 1932 Olds trans.

Dimensions are 80mm outside dia. 30mm inside dia. 35mm width.

it is a it has 12 bearings on each side.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Guest jr111

Hello Roman, You are the first that I have ever coresponded with in this fashion-so please forgive any error on my part. I have also a 32 Olds - One with A Straight 8, Rumble Seat and Golf Bag Door. The back window is wide enough (I know) for Mother to reach through and give one of us a good whack! It is Completely Original and is gonna need some work to get on the road but my Main Concern is that I have to do a TRANSMISSION REBUILD. By the Way - This car was my Fathers Great Love (that to One Day be restored), purchased in 1970. He's got some tech manuals Etc for the Olds - It seems for every year BUT 1932 ! My question is how many years did Oldsmobile use this same Transmission and Where can I get a Shop Manual showing the drive train components? Also - The Same for a 1937 Nash LaFayette 400. Thank You - JR111

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Roman, Again check with a good bearing house,those should still be good numbers! The A denotes a shield and A2 denotes two shields, although that 2 may be a Z then AZ would be 1 shield. This must be a double row angular contact bearing. I try to use single shielded bearings to help keep leakage and many of the ball brgs.are available sealed so they require no lubrication. I understand that you may be able to contact the bearing manufactures on the internet and perhaps check availability. They should then direct you to your nearest dealer. Remember, most bearing numbers will interchange with other manufactures. If you need a list of manufactures or national dealers go to your public library. They should have current copies of the Thomas Registers(,industrial source books) available. Good hunting! Oh-Good chance you won't find this kind of brg. at an auto store! Jim One question...where in the trans does this brg go?

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