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Cadillac and LaSalle Parts & Literature For Sale after 45 years of Collecting


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:mad: I am selling on eBay some Cadillac LaSalle items and will be listing more items Cad/LaS. and other cars over the next sevearl months. Right now I have a outside Caddy mirror on from the 1920's-30's with the coat of arms and concentric lines engraved. Also, a copy of the best book on LaSalle by Ron Van Gelderen and Matt Brown 1st edition and also the book: LaSalle, Jewel in the Cadillac Crown of which only 25 were printed in 2005. I am selling off all my stuff that I have collected over the past 45 plus years. I only sell on eBay. My sellers moniker is: fej25

I think this link will connect you to items I have on eBay now:


or try this ebay number 110825222594 then click on: see other items, or click on my eBay store: Classic Car Parts and Accessories.

Good Luck :) to everyone.

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