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wrong fuel pump??

Guest dkhunt

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My project is a '36 Special... I was looking to buy a fuel pump rebuild kit as this one spits out about as much gas as it pumps... I talked to Bill at Bob's Automobilia and he said that my pump is from a '39 Buick... from the photos I've seen of other '36 Buicks, I'd have to agree. Seems that the OEM fuel pump had the glass bowl on the side of the pump... mine is on top.

I am wanting to keep this car very near original condition with the exception of the paint (will probably go base coat / clear coat just because it looks so much nicer than acrylic lacquer). I'm keeping the 6 volt system, factory radio, etc. At this point I'm not planning on getting the car into the "judging" scene since there isn't much BCA activity here in northeast Louisiana.

I'd like to have an OEM style fuel pump -- any suggestions as to where I can get one?


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I can't help you either with the fuel pump, but let me address the other issue. Just because there is no active chapter in your area, does not mean you cannot have one. Actually, I am not sure when Region you would fall in, but the chapters in Texas are in South Central and those in Alabama and Georgia are in South East.

However, if you have an interest in forming a chapter, I think I can help. if you know of other BCA members in the area or Buick owners you could get to join, it does not take much. Please contact me direct at j.scheib@comcast.net and I will see that the Region Coordinator contact you. The office can get you a list of all BCA members in the surrounding zip codes that may share your interest. Let me know, or contact the Mike and Nancy at the Office directly.


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Danny is right on the Chevy fuel pump that will interchange with the pump for Buick series 40 for the years 1936(after the first 20,000 cars, 1937, and 1938 (first 54,00 cars). The OEM number for the Buick is 1521854. The exchange pump # is 423 vs 421 of the Chevy. AC calls this a "W" series pump. The early 36's used an "R" series pump while the later 38's used an "AF" series that used an inverted fuel bowl as did all 39 Series 40. I don't know the actual difference between the Chevy pump vs the Buick as my Motors Book lists the pump pressure on both as 3 1/2 pounds. The early 36 pump which carried over from 1935 did not use a glass bowl either to the side or on the top of the pump. On the later 36 through 38 pumps, the glass filter bowl was on the side as you correctly noticed. These pumps are not hard to find. Most of my info is from the 28-41 Buick chassis parts book.

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