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1926 Motor age

Guest 1930

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Quite a few years ago I was rifling through an antique store and found a stack of motor age and motor world mags. After I paid waay to much money for them and got them home I learned that what I had purchased was a compilation of mags.

Apparently a shop owner had removed any articles he felt interesting or useful for that year and had made his own booklets with binding cloth and glue.

Each mag is about 1 1.5 thick and the information inside covers all makes of cars.

In looking thru them again I notice there are alot of Dodge Brothers information. Hoping that we can all discuss the information that is within these articles.

If there is any interest and some discussions I will continue to post scans of what I think might be helpfull within them. If there is not than I will assume there is no interest and not bother.

The first issue I pulled of the stack is a 1926 issue, so how about it, any 26 ( or thereabouts ) owners have any interest?

I know that alot of guys view this board that dont own D.B vehicles, within these mags is information/articles for all makes, I can put your car make on a list and every time I run across an article concerning your car I can scan and post that article as well.

I noticed some very nice articles with very clear pictures concerning the new Elcar 8, Caddilacs and Reos just to name a few so again be more than happy to discuss your make of car as well, just let me know.

Like I had mentioned rifling thru 26 only at this point though. Cant jump around other issues till this one is finished.

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Hows about two, the binding is very tight, dont know what sorta glue they used to hold these things together but faxon auto literature oughta take note when attempting to glue their stuff together ;)

These pages as mentioned jump around, 26 in this case was prior to 24



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Ok great, I will post stuff that I find interesting ( ok its all interesting ) or that might help us to better understand the history, anyone please feel free to add any comments.




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No problem Bill, I will keep posting as long as their is an interest, I know alot of this seems regurgitated but if you think about it everything we have heard up until now is regurgitated.

These publications are the real deal, giving the info first hand just about as automobiles had only been in use for a few short years and anyway in my opinion there is always something than can be picked up that might not have been considered before-hand.

I have these books maybe 1921 thru 1930 or 31 I guess and that is a ton of first hand knowledge.

Posting these is giving me the chance to read them myself





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Jason, Thanks for posting these articles. After reading the Dodge material I am convinced that I would love to have one of those 4 cylinder models. Amazing that these old ads still sell cars after so many years! Thanks again for your efforts. Terry

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Well thank-you Terry, as long as someone reminds me every so often that its appreciated I will continue posting these pages until the rapture ( I hope not beyond though ;) )

I sent you an e-mail concerning your needed engine parts BTW. Dont know if you have seen it

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Thank-you Bob, like I said I enjoy sharing this stuff, if you see a week go by and there is dead silence other than me posting these pages just pipe up and let me know you are still enjoying.

Do that and Ill keep posting them ;)

Juan, we will have to see what turns up, hopefully something that will really peak your interest. Look forward to your adding some commentary to some of this stuff.

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Been having puter problems this evening and getting late now so this is a short one, hope its clear enough on what has to be seen anyway so that the adjustment is clear on this rear-end. '

If its not than let me know and I can re-scan.

The caption at the bottom of diagram says 1924 but the mag is dated 1926 so can someone tell me what years other than 24-26 shared the identical rear-end in these early D.B ?


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Sal soda evidently is the same as soda ash. Soda ash is used to makes glass that's called soda lime glass. It's also used in swimming pools to raise the pH of the water. Soda ash can be used in taxidermy applications to remove the flesh from bones.

I would be hesitant on the muratic treatment myself.

Glad you are enjoying them, whomever put these book together had big ideas I guess of becoming a much larger buisness. Many many pages of series of articles concerning shop configuration, easiest lay-out for the modern dealership to get cars about and thru their stations.

Ramps were evidently popular back then, multi level garages and I suppose these designs were popular because of space confinements.

As today we are often limited with floor space because of adjoining neighbors so the answer was to build up!

It also amazes me the number of articles concerning the new 8 cyl cars. To be honest I have never considered an 8 cyl car prior to the 1930 DC-8 cars, thru reading I had picked up that there were such things but I assumed they were almost one off jobs, low production.

I was wrong, the book has a number of articles/spec sheets/mechanical-chasis breakdowns concerning the new Marmon eight, and Elcar eight as an example of what I have run across so far. Also Reos new internal expanding hydraulic brakes and Rickenbackers new offerings.

I have been only posting articles thus far that I feel can somehow directly give us Dodge owners some ideas of how to better care for our own cars though since there was no interest from anyone on the regular AACA discussion forum where I also made a post offering to post images of the book when related to other makes.

I guess I am getting off track but one of the joys of going thru books like these is the ideas that come to mind. Not a better feeling than being able to see ( even if I am incorrect ) what interested a person or drove a persons interest so many years ago. This guy really like 8 cyl cars in other words and he really seemed intent ( like some of us ) to collect all the data he could to make the most of himself and his studies.

Sorta makes a bond between whoever he was and myself at least as an example.

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I have a '26 DB Business Coupe... any photos of the 2-door, 3 window coupe? Always interested in advice on maintaining fluids, transmission, gear box, and other lubrication suggestions....

I also need to repair my emergency brake... the previous owner never used it for fear that he'd not be able to get it undone after it was set...

Does it have anything about maintenance of the wooden spoked wheeles?...specifically relating to the wood pieces?

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I have found all of my carpet snaps a few years ago and it might take 15 minutes tops at night to make the post. ( really no excuse that we dont see more of this is my point )

In reality I started this for guys like ( whats his screen name ....1940 Dodge ) 1940dodge.

It seems like ( although I guess it was not in reality ) not many years ago that I bought my first OLD car and I did not know much of anything about where to begin. I had limited but still appreciated help from D.C-8 Dave but still found it difficult to get answers to the nitty gritty stuff.

Seems so easy for people to take information but giving it would either cost me or was altogether un-available. I learned quickly ( ok slowly over time since I am not the brightest star in the sky ) that if I wanted the answers I would have to find them myself within this literature.

I hate the idea of information not being made avail. to everyone for no cost.

I just hope that there are many others ( other than the regular group I always hear from ) enjoying these.

Thank-you though for commenting though , keeps me in check that someone is enjoying the pages.

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I also appreciate you taking the time to scan and post this information. I am fairly isolated from others that have my year car and balancing family, work and hobby (that order) provides little time for finding this kind of info.


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Ok not as spectacular as I remember but still neat. 1931 Dodge Salesmans handbook. This is a Dodge Brother employee testing the new Dodge ( prob 6, cant make out number of cyl ) Great stuff nevertheless


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