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Looking for prior owner or original owner to my 1949 Buick Roadmaster!

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It's a long shot, but I thought I would give it a shot.. I am looking to make contact with the prior owner or original owner (original owner contact would be great!), of my newly acquired 1949 Buick Roadmaster 4 Door. On the vehicle title, the prior owner's name is Richard Nelson. Supposedly, the prior owner had purchased the Buick from the Original owner around 2010 in the midwest..

Through my investigations on the web, I had come across a website that had a prior bid of vehicle transportation for my 1949 Roadmaster. I am pretty sure that it is my car since I purchased it in San Juan Capistrano California.. The transportation bid was to transport a 1949 Roadmaster 4 Door from York Pennsylvania, to San Juan Capistrano California. Only thing is, this bid was dated 2006, AND, was from York Pennsylvania- NOT the midwest. I bought my Buick on a consignment lot in San Juan Capistrano so I was unfortunately unable to speak withe the owner of the vehicle..

There is absolutely nothing that I am upset about with my Roadmaster.. I am only looking to make contact because I would like to perhaps acquire old photos, or any kind of stories or history of the car. I absolutely LOVE my 1949 Roadmaster, and this is why I am I guess "obsessed" with this vehicle. It would also help to find out what and where the last owner left off with repairs or refurbishing.

My '49 Roadmaster is a 4 Door, with black paint for the exterior, and a darker green with lighter green for the dash. All of my paint/trim codes match for my car, but I wouldn't know if the numbers plate is original since I have not spoken with any prior owner! I do not mind if it is not original.. just curious..

Comments are welcome, and appreciated! But I do ask, if anyone does know of the above mentioned person, please send me info in a private message.

Thank you guys!


1949 Buick Roadmaster 4Door.

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I sold my '49 Special last year and ran an ad on this site. I tracked down the previous owner and relatives of the sisters who bought it new in Harlan, Iowa in December 1948. I got about a dozen emails and some photos regarding the car from people back there. Here's a link to the ad which has all the info in it. Good luck with your search....


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