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1936 Ford Phaeton

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It's been a long time since I've been as excited about a car we have in stock as I am about this one. You can definitely count me as a convert to the gospel of the flathead, because these little V8 Fords are simply astounding fun to drive. I may have to add one to my collection sooner rather than later (that photo in my profile is me standing in front of my father's '34 Deluxe Fordor sedan in 1973).

This phaeton in particular has been fitted with some period speed equipment including a set of Red's headers, a 3/4 race camshaft, and dual exhaust, but it looks largely stock. It barks to life with the most wonderful flathead snarl and idles like it has a cam in it, so it isn't the typical "silent and smooth" flathead. However, the sound is so flat-out awesome that I fire it up for every single visitor to our showroom just so they can hear it run. It might be the best-sounding engine I've ever heard, and some of you may recall that I used to work for a Corvette race team, so that's saying something.

The restoration is some years old, but it still looks quite good in Washington Blue with cream stripes and chrome spider wheels. There's no sign of hack bodywork, and the car is straight and clean overall. The restoration was obviously high quality when it was done, and it shows only light signs of age and tour use, along with a few minor touch-ups. Chrome is excellent, and the grille is in good shape. The tan canvas top is the same age as the restoration, yet remains in good condition with only one fingernail-sized spot that we weren't quite able to clean--I don't know what it is, but we didn't want to get too aggressive with it in case we discolored the area. Wood bows are excellent and it comes with a full set of side curtains and a matching top boot.

The brown leather interior is beautifully done, and like the rest of the car, shows gentle use but no damage or notable wear. The rubber floor mat up front and carpet in the back seat area are undamaged, and you'll note that this car also carries an accessory rear-seat windshield. As a kid who grew up in an open car without such a thing, I can attest that it is VERY desirable for back seat passengers. It also has an 8-day clock in the mirror and a built-in radio, although the radio does not appear functional. All the gauges do work, however, and sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed the switch on the dash for the Columbia 2-speed rear end. I told you this car was cool!

I spent about 45 minutes driving this car today since it was sunny and dry, and it's simply wonderful on the street. The engine pulls hard and loves to rev, the exhaust note is music, and you're tempted to blip the throttle going through tunnels just to attract attention. Braking, steering, and suspension are in good order, and thanks to the Columbia 2-speed rear, it cruises at 60 MPH without any problem.

If you're looking for a stylish, sporty, and downright fun V8 Ford, this one is an ideal choice. It could easily be taken back to stock if that's what you're into, but for touring, this one is awfully hard to beat. Fast, fun, and handsome, this is a flat-out awesome car. If I could afford to make it my own somehow, I wouldn't hesitate.

Asking $44,900 and we're always negotiable.











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