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1965 Riviera GS? For Sale/Parts

Guest Kinmann

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Guest Kinmann

Hey Guys,

I like to forward along what I find out there in my searches for sale. Unfortunately....this is a mess of a find.

A fellow has a GS (?) for sale....completely gutted besides rearend and motor. It looks like it was tapped in the rear because the body in the quarters is bowing.

He feels because he has a title and VIN #'s its worth $2000.

It's worth scrap to me once the rear if it is posi and maybe the KX coded motor, if it's KX is gone.

Either way, you may be able to buy parts. He likes to sell parts....It has been extensively stripped.

His # is 301-672-1000.

He o.k.'d me posting his # and encourages calls.

I will pass!



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