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Speedometer cable lube


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Pulled the 48 LC out of the garage for the first time this season. Lots of bumps from 30 year old tires, but it starts and runs smooth. Speedometer jumps around like crazy, I assume it needs a re-lube.

Simple question: Does the cable pull from the conduit from the top, or from the bottom? (I'm assuming it will come out.)



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The cable pulls from the top but it might be helpful to disconnect the cable housing at the torque tube when re-installing. I think they used a graphite grease originally but Moly EP chassis grease seems to work fine. The "bouncing" speedo could also be the speedometer it'self. They get very stiff from sitting. Not fun taking the speedo out but you may have to in order to free up the input bearing if it doesn't calm down after some run time.

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