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1941 Buick Special Steering Wheel

Guest 35Hupp

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I recently purchased a restored 41 special and it does not have the banjo steering wheel I see in all other Special photos. Anybody know if this type of steering wheel was factory or if the restorer took a shortcut?


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Welcome to Buick ownership.

Do not know about 1941, but in 1939 banjo steering wheel was an option that most cars have.

For 1939's only seen (on photos) the standard type, as your photo, on very few cars, many commercial cars (hearse / ambulance) and surprisingly on most 1939 Buick's sold in England

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My 1941 Special Series-A Business Coupe has that exact wheel but in black. I have recently purchased a Deluxe steering wheel and will be updating mine.

I believe your dash would have been wood-grained originally and can't help wonder if when/if it was later painted brown they also painted the wheel to match.

This pic is of my dash (the car was converted to RHD soon after arriving in Australia from TX in 1989).

2019 01 06 5.jpg

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