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1923 Buick Parts

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I just picked up what I think is 1923 Buick parts, I have a complete top bows & mechanism, rear drivers door, both passenger & drivers back side glass, & one front side glass. The top parts are mint.. perfect condition, the door also is in great shape no dents, all complete latch works it even has good paint with pin stripe. The side glass framework is great but 2 of the pieces of glass is cracked, I have no idea if anyone needs the side glass stuff but if you want pictures just let me know or call. On price I'm in the 60's & 50's not the 20's, I got these parts from a guy that just bought a house & they were up in rafters. I would put them on ebay but think they may be to old. 319-231-6223


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From the research I had done looks like you are right on the date. Could be 1921-23 Model 45 touring with accessory glass enclosure instead of side curtains. the shape and style of the top irons pretty much match what I have on my 1925 model 25. Unfortunately mine do appear to be cut down from a larger touring car. I was hoping to find the correct ones. Or the correct rear curtain window. The doors are for a larger car as my rear doors are 23" wide X 20 1/4" tall. I will ask others for their input. Probably the car fell victim to being cut down to a farm truck and these were the left-overs.

I have included some photos. First of what I believe the top and doors fit and my cars adapted top. If the top was what I needed I would definately make an offer.

Larry DiBarry

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