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'95 Park Avenue Power Lock and Trunk problems

Rich Morton

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I have posted this on the Post war tech forum also.Just wanted to try here also....If any one has had to deal with the issues described below,I'd sure like to hear about it.Any way recently I have had two separate problems which may or not be related.Problem #1 The power locks will not work by the key fob or the door switches.Although it does seem like the security portion does work with the key fob as I can hear a slight sound when the button is pushed and the lights do come on inside the car when the button is pressed,so I have generally been pressing the lock button on fob when exiting the car and the unlock button when returning.Seems like when I don't do that and open the door the alarms sounds,then key fob has to be pressed in order to kill the alarm. Problem # 2;the Trunk Ajar light has stayed lit and I have had an intermittent problem with being able to keep the trunk latched {it does also have the power trunk pull-down option}.Of course when that has happened I have slammed the trunk lid,which I have found on line to be a "bad" thing to do.The trunk will open with the key ,key fob,or trunk button but does have issues staying closed.Of course last night when returning home I hit the trunk open button by mistake,and now it won't stay closed.I have done some online searching for help and I'll be checking the relays and also the trunk security button in glove compartment.If any one has any ideas,Please Help.Thanks in advance,Rich

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I don't have a service manual newer than 1992, but suspect the problem is a relay.

What GM usually did....... the door key (electrical) switch, inside door switch, and security system all fed power (or ground) to the door lock relay, that way any one of them you activated would energize the relay and unlock the doors.

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