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FS Antique Car Collection of Norm Miller to be Auctioned.

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It brings me great sorrow to announce that my father, Norm Miller, of Norm's Antique Auto passed away in January of 2012. He had a wonderful collection of antique cars that will be going to auction this spring and summer. I have made some albums of these cars on my profile page and written some of my memories of each car, even the rusty ones.

I am hoping that this helps each of these cars go into the hands of people who will love and try to restore them like my dad.

he had many diamonds in the rough, but also some restored and rare cars too.

You can see what is going to be available by checking out my profile page and viewing my albums.

The first auction will be April 6th of 2012. The Auction house is Stenzel Auctions out of Cambridge, Illinois.

The next auction with the bulk of his cars will be in June or July and I will post more specific details later.

I also want to let people know that my dad also had an extensive literature collection, and a parts shop which will also be available soon.

Please continue to check back often for more photos and updates.

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Thanks Phil, I am so glad you read the stories behind them. I was afraid nobody would, and that they would just look at the pictures. I don't know, but I think when you buy an old car, its way more than obtaining an old piece of machinery. Your buying an era, and a memory. That is the way it was with my dad. So many of the cars in his collection were tied to memories of important events in his life. It was his way of marking the passage of time. Some people make scrapbooks of their memories, some people collect cars. You can't drive a scrapbook. (not that there is anything wrong with scrapbooks)

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I see you are located in Ames. I live southwest of Ames in Madrid. I will surely go check out the photos and stories. Thanks for posting, and keep the AACA community updated.

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How does one view the photos? I see a STUTZ are there other cars?

Click on the name "lunaperro" and a pull-down menu will appear. Click on "View Public Profile" and then on the titles under the photos on the right side.

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