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WANTED: 1939 Buick Special 46C


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Hi<BR> I'm looking for a 1939 Buick Special (not Century) 46C convertible coupe.<BR> It would be best if it was in nice drivable condition but not really looking for a high-dollar restored or very, very low mileage. But, I'll consider anything but a total wreck. Unrestored, not running, not overly rusted out considered too.<BR> The closer it is to Virginia, the better; but anywhere will be considered. Write to: buickman@crosslink.net. No major modifications. A modified car will not be considered. I'll accept a newer straight 8, or 15-inch wheels, but no mags unless the orginginal backing plates and drums were not modified. No V-8 installation considered.<p>[ 07-07-2002: Message edited by: Dynaflash8 ]

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