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1957 olds front coil springs

Guest OlChev

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I am in the process of assembling the front suspension on a 1957 super 88' and the shop manual indicates that the front coil springs are not interchangeable. They have two different part numbers stamped on the upper top coil.

My problem is, I do not have a parts book to identify which is the right side and which the left.

I know I have a 50/50 shot at getting it right....but....

If anyone has a parts book and can look up the numbers I would

Very much appreciate it.


Kevin Marsh

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Thanks Bob,

With me it's more like 100 %!!

The numbers appear to be P569994, and P569995. I say appear because the first two numbers are difficult read.

Thanks for the help!


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Hi Kev, the book doesn't list the 95 number but it does list the 94 number as being used on the right side. it's pretty common for the parts books to not list all part #'s found in the field. I'd say you would be pretty safe putting the 94 on the right.......Bob

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Thank you very much, you're a lifesaver!

I have the spring in the compressor, ready to install........ can't wait to get this thing back on the ground.

Thanks again,


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