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1966 Chrysler Newport Grille, Dash Pad

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I have access to what I believe are a complete grille and a dash pad (gold) for full size 1966 Chrysler (I believe Newport or possibly New Yorker) which I found in an old out of business junkyard. I happened on them. I'm a Buick guy, but I almost bought a 1966 2 dr Newport when I was 17 years old so I have an idea what they are from. The car is long gone. The grille looks to be complete from what I can see and includes headlights. The dash pad is slightly bent as it was placed on top of a pile of parts in an old straight truck box full of stuff still at the site. The pad has one hump over where it looked like the semi circle speedo and column would be on one of those cars and had a big speaker grille on the passenger side of the pad that also looked intact. I did not see any cracks. Asking $150 for the grille and $100 for the pad. I can send pictures if you PM me an email address to shoot them to. You can see the parts and condition for yourself and verify the application. Or email me at turbocoupe1@hotmail.com


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