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need help identify distributor's with pic's


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I have rescued al lot distributors from a cleared yard in belgium

71 to be precize so far

now I like to identify them to get to know what car's there have been

I hope you guy's can help me

I like to display them in my museum whit a picture from the car

here are a few numbers

delco Remy 635 S 52928

solar spark ignition chrysler motors 622 H 56627 dr

delco remy 635 S 32266

ford 7ah 630 12127

bosh ve 4cyl 487

I wil post a few at the time

iff you like a picture I wil post it


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Guest Commodore

On your Ford distributor you listed as "7AH xxx 12127", are you sure is not "7HA xxx 12127"? The 7HA xxx 12127 distributor is for a Ford Six 1948 - 1951.

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Guest Commodore

Delco Remy 631B is 1928 Chrysler Model 62

Delco Remy 639X is 1929 Chrysler Model 65 and 1930 Chrysler Models 66 and 70

The fomoco 3b1 distributor should have more numbers I think. Is there?

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the tag on the fomoco distributor is verry hard to read

I only can make out a printed H \printed number 121...and a stamped C

and stamped FAE

hope this helpes

the old owner of the yard write ford v8 on it

but what year ????

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Guest Commodore

Well. that does help. I think the number is FAE-12127C which is for a 1954 Mercury V8. If it is FAE-12127A, it is for a 1954 Ford V8, car or light truck. 12127 is Ford's basic number for distributors.

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