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Congratulations to all of our 2011 Newsletter Awards Winners!!

The Ann S Eady Award Winner:

The Team of Julia Sharon & Evelyn Timmons

Master Editor Awards Winners:

Davena House-Amarillo Region-Vin Tin

Judy Edwards-Brass Nickel Touring Region-On the Road Again

Frances Shore& Judy Edwards-Buzzard Droppings-Buzzard’s Breath Touring Region

Sharon & Jim Claire-Crossroads-Chemung Valley Region

Ted Schneider-The Chesapeake Bulletin-Chesapeake Region

John Sayler-The Gas Buggy Gazette-Gettysburg Region

Dawn Dreibus-The High Beam-Great Smoky Mountains Region

Julia Sharon & Evelyn Timmons-The Antique Expression-Gulf Coast Region

Timothy Emerich-Chuck Wagon News-Hershey Region

Brooke Davis- Members' Parade- Hornets Nest Region

William Clark- Antique Auto News- Iroquois Region

Robert Brown- The Sidelight- Kyana Region

Donna Dirnberger- Northern Lights- Minnesota Region

Kim Gardner- The Chatter- Capitol City Chapter Minnesota Region

James & Kay Scott- The Autograf- Mississippi Valley Region

Jean Soehnlein- NC Region News- North Carolina Region

Fred Lewis- Vintage Voice- Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region

Earl Beauchamp- The Orange Blossom Special- Orange Blossom Region

Kathleen Haynes & Robert J Barauskas- Blue Smoke- Peconic Bay Region

Carol Heide & Van Webster- Upton Motor News- Pennsylvania Dutch Region

Bette Hayward- The Foot Warmer- San Diego Region

Jean Hawa- Sidelights- South Florida Region

Virginia Myers- Piston Popper- Sugarloaf Mountain Region

Neil & Martha Sugermeyer- The Mud Flap- Tidewater Region

Paul Noller- Owner’s Manual- Venice Region

Sandra Flynn- Wayne Pike Update- Wayne-Pike Region

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