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GM HEI Distributor Cent. Adv. Repair Kit. Does 6 Distributors.

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New-in-box, kit for repairing six GM HEI distributors. This kit has everything necessary to re-bush the distributor's centrifugal advance weights, while the distributor remains in the car (if you wish). It will return the centrifugal advance to factory specs for smooth operation and ease of engine tuning.

This kit contains a special drilling jig and alignment system, 12 new wear-resistant bushings (two per distributor), specialized bushing lubricant, and complete instructions.

This kit was never used. I opened the factory package to take the photo.

I'm not set up for PayPal, but I welcome your personal check or a money order. The price is just $25, INCLUDING shipping anywhere in the U.S. So, your cost PER distributor repair would be about $4.00. Thanks for looking. John


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