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1948 Lincoln Convertible Top Irons


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A number of years ago, one of the top irons that raise the top on my Lincoln broke in half on the right side of the car. There are 2 irons that go up to the top of the door frame and the one that attaches to the top of the rear fender well is the one that has broken into 2 pieces. So the top does not go up and down and the rear vision is very constricted as you know. I also notice that most of the connections wobble due to wear.

1) So where can I get this pieces instead of trying to make them and do they fit other Ford vehicles?

2) With all the slop in the pivots, I think that I should do both sides. Most of the connections seem to be riveted so do I just drill them out?

3) I figure that it may mean that I have to remove the top?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tony

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There are a number of things that you can do to correct this problem. On the broken part, I would take it out and locate a good welder. If it is steel or the cast piece, it can be welded. As far as I know, Ford parts will not fit.

The loose rivets can be corrected pretty easily if you just want the assembly to work and not rattle so much. When I took my top apart, I ground the inside rivet heads off, then took the rivets out, drilled them for an 8-32 machine screw, threaded them, then when it was time, put it all back together with spring washers and Locktite. If you are restoring the car, then any decent machinist can make the rivets out of stainless after boring the top assembly holes back to round, then making the rivets to fit. These rivets will also have the machine screws to assemble it all back together.

Or, you can have the original rivets chromed after drilling and taping.

If I haven't totally lost all of my memory, I think all of this can be accomplished without removing the top.


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