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Inside of firewall lining


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Hi guys,

I have attached a few photos of what I think is original firewall lining that sits inside the car. As I didn't pull the bulk of my car apart, does anyone know if this was the only thing that lines the inside of the firewall. It appears to be some sort of fibreboard. I was thinking of using some 18mm ply ( like I'm using on the floor ) but would value anyone's opinion that has either replaced this ( and what with ) or is there something else I'm missing. And how this was attached.

I've also attached a photo of bonnet lacing I have. This is 5/8 lacing and would like to know if this is correct for my 34 Dodge.

Thanks as always.






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Ian, The firewall pad is a heavy colored cardboard over a thick stranded mat. The cardboard is still available , it's called cowlboard and comes in a variety of colors. Dodge used a lot of dark gray with their trim schemes. The kick panels,parcel shelves, trunk dividers and rear seat kick panels were made from the same material. The back is a kind of hvy. pressed mat made from fibers similar to a bulding material we know as Celotex ( used for exterior sheathing on buldings). If your backing is good you good probably reuse it. If not,like mine, I was going to glue several pieces of Celotex together to get the proper thickness and then glue the cowlboard on. Usually these insulators had a rubber flap or seal sewn on the bottom to help seal the toeboard. A good upholster can probably supply the board and sew the seal on. If you can't find the board,it is available from Restoration Specialties here in the U.S. They do ship internationally but it will probably cost an arm and a leg to get it home. Their ph. 814-467 - 9842 or @restorationspecialties.com. Hrs. are 9:00 am -5:00 pm EST. US. Hope this helps. Jim Ps. The pads were pinned to the firewall with several long two pronged buttons. Some variations of these are still available ,some are not. Save anything you have! Resto. Spesc. might have some in stock.

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28-31 at least used the same board that you have Ian, nothing else, nothing at the bottom in other words like Jim mentioned. Dont know what is correct for your 34 but something to chew one.

What you have is certaintely original from what I can see

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jpage has it all pretty correct. My experience is with the '36 Dodge. The color of the board you have looks right - a middle grey. The pad is actually made of jute and is fairly thick. (Maybe like 1/2" to 5/8" thick). The pad you have in the photos also looks correct. They are held in place by the pins that jpage spoke of. The pins have a smooth head and are grey like the cardboard. You will see a stitch line (series of holes) at the bottom edge of the board indicating where the rubber flap was attached if the '34 used that idea. I don't see that on the board in your photo so maybe the '34 had no rubber flap. The flap on the '36 was about 2" wide and just a bit thicker than inner tube rubber.

I think the company he mentions will ship out small sample pieces so you can see what is available today. I think you will find it to be very close to what you have.

If this is the first time you have had the jute off the firewall, you should also see some chalk markings on the firewall of a similar nature to the hand written chalk markings that seem to be on most of the US built cars on the inside of the right rear corner of the headliner area.

The lacing you show is the wrong color. It should be a light tan. The lacing has a thinner center and a ribbed outer edge on both sides. This "drop center" protects the heads of the screw nails that are used to attach the lace from rubbing on the hood (bonnet).






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Thanks guys for all your help. The advice and pics really help especially, as I said, when I wasn't the one who pulled the car apart. At least I have a number of door interior panels etc for templates.

I'll go back to the guy who has the bonnet lacing and see what else he has.

Much appreciated


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