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Info request for First gen Riviera Owners and Experts

Guest Gearheadjohn

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Guest Gearheadjohn

Hello, I was hoping to get a crash course if you will in the issues that are common on early Rivieras specifically the 65 model.

Things like common rust areas, electrical and mechanical problems and other things of that nature a potential owner should look for in a car they are inspecting for purchase.

I have searched fairly extensively on my own and found that either there isn't a lot of information out there or these cars were exceptionally solid. Most of the information I have found was on the Headlight motors and the classic rust areas (Lower quarters, rocker panels, trunk and floor pans etc.)

I am taking a look at a couple of these cars over the next weeks or so, one of which I will be buying. In the purchase I am just looking for the best starting point for my project that I can find.

Any help you ladies and gentlemen can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Guest Gearheadjohn

Thanks, TexRiv I didn't want to do a double post wasn't sure how the forum admins would feel about it. I know now though.

I got the better of myself and actually picked one of the first 3 cars I checked out.

Good solid body only a couple of minor rust spots, runs and drives real nice for an original car, and with exception to the lacquer on the wood trim the interior is mint and at only 74k miles shes not too long in the tooth.

I am sure I will spend plenty of time in the Buick sub-forum over the next few years.

Thanks again!

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