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1983 Diesel Chevrolet El Camino - Previously Owned by Daryl Hannah

Guest tfo

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I'm selling a 1983 diesel El Camino at auction.

The car has a unique pedigree. I originally bought it at auction from the actress Daryl Hannah, who made it famous by running it on biodiesel.

When I bought it in early 2008, I had it shipped from California to Nashville. When it arrived, it needed an alternator cable. A lot of the parts under the hood have been replaced or rebuilt (e.g., the starter, damper). You can see the maintenance record at the auction site.

Still runs great. ~165k miles on it. I mostly did care and feeding on the engine and exterior, less so on the interior, which has the same driver side seat tear in the vinyl that it did when it arrived. Cabin also leaks a little on the passenger side in heavy rain.

I've run either B20 or B100 in it since I've owned it, never straight diesel.

Anyway, it's being sold in Nashville, TN (USA).

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Freddie O'Connell, 615-260-0005

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Ugh. Sorry. I'm not much of a gearhead, honestly. Just enjoyed the car. I certainly don't want to misrepresent it. I'll edit the original post. Thanks for the catch.

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