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1957 Buick 364 Used Motor Parts


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FOR SALE: 1957 Buick Special (250 HP) 364 Used Motor Parts.

I have pretty much a complete Motor LESS the block.

Crank is standard grind and would take a mild polish to clean up. $50.00 + Shipping.

Heads (as removed from the block) including the rockers. $150.00 + Shipping and Crating

2 BBL Intake manifold plus carb . $50.00 + Shipping

Rods and Pistons. $50.00 + Shipping

Also have the valve covers, valley cover, pan, oil pump and etc.

Will take $250.00 for everything + Shipping/Crating

PM me with e-mail address for pictures.

Parts are located in South Bend, IN



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