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34-35 Chevrolet headlight reflectors.


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Guys: I have some headlight reflectors for 34-35 Chev Masters, however my Guide resource lists one part # for 34 and one for 35. They are identical excep that one has a small park light bulb and one has a larger bulb. Unfortunately the Guide list doesn't say which bulb size is correct for which year. Does anyone out there know? Thanks

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I sure appreciate the reply, but 36 is a totally different lens than the 34-35 setup. Only info that I get from the Guide resource is that the 34 reflector originally cost 90 cents and the 35 cost a buck ten. I don't know if that's just inflation, or if the larger bulb one cost more to manufacture, so is therefore the more expensive one? I've had lots of looks at this post, but no definitive replies. Surely there must be one guy that's up to his eyes in bowties???

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