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Chrysler Powdered Bronze Metallic colour recipt

Guest WojtekSS

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Guest WojtekSS

I am restoring 1960 Chrysler Imperial. Need help with colour. Cant find anywhere coulour recipt. Its Powdered Bronze Metallic. Does anyone could help me with it?

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I believe that if you go to the PPG automotive paint website, you'll find some archived color chips going back into the 1940s or so. They'll have the PPG part number and their name for the paint . . . might even have the Chrysler name for the color, but as the names for the colors could change between model years and such, they might just have their PPG name. "Poly" = "metallic", too.

Go to Auto Color Library - The World's Largest Online Color-Chip Library With the drop down menu, select "Chrysler", then the model year of "1960". It'll bring up a thumbnail (of sorts) which is the color chip page. Click on it for a larger size, then you can "mouse over" to get larger sections. There is a "Powdered Bronze Poly" listed for "DCP" (i.e., Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth). The Chrysler paint code is noted immediately to the left of each chip. The PPG/Ditzler part number is listed immediately below the chip, too, and just above the color "name". You might also want to check out their parent website, AutoBodyDepot - Buy Warehouse Direct at Wholesale Pricing for other refinish/body repair items.

This website seems to have the ONLY color chip chart pages, from what I've found. If your paint supplier or body shop painter had access to the PPG Online Color Formulations website (www.ppg.com/coatings/refinish/en/colortools/retreival/Documents/ColorWeb/ColorWebUserGuide.pdf), then they can get the formula, BUT I don't know how far back that particular service goes. It does appear that the desired colors can be ordered from the autopaintlibrary.com source.

The forward look, inc. | Home website also has some of these items archived there, but I couldn't get the links to work.

Take care,


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