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1978 Monte Carlo

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This is a true story! I was at an auction this summer. I thought I won a 50s Cadillac convertible, apart in the garage. When I went to pay, I guess i did not pay close attention. I won this 1978 Monte Carlo with 41,000 original miles. The interior will clean up great, there is no rust at all. My mechanics put on an alternator, tires, battery, and gave it a tune up. You can drive this car anywhere and any distance. It starts and runs great!!! I have $4123 in it, and that is what I will take. I guess, unless you really want it. contact info: Brian Coffee 937-776-7202 skindoccoffee@aol.com Car is located in Dayton Ohio. Always welcome to come and take a look or drive anything sitting in the shop.





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List of cars I will try to list in the next couple days give or take 30 cars, 1927 Auburn Model 66 4 door sedan, 1930 Essex Super 6 2 door sedan, 1959 MGA coupe, 1982 Fiat spider, 1960 Bentley sedan, 2 1920 convertible Overlands with tons of parts, 1957 Dodge military ambulance with 11,000 miles, full of original military equipment, 1957 Seagraves firetruck 100 ft ladder take two too drive, 1970s seagraves fire truck, also takes two, too drive. Thanks Brian 937-776-7202

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