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A short video of my 1949 Buick Roadmaster!

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Hey hey.. here is a short video I took of my 1949 Buick Roadmaster 4door that I have recently purchased about a month ago. I am currently trying to bring her up back to par engine/electrical-wise.. I am planning on keeping this vehicle stock, and true to form (no modern "updates.")...

I'm sure some of you have been following my madness through my posts. This video was shot right after I had cleaned all my ground connections within the engine area, and recharged my battery.

Just a little something fun to watch! Here is the link to YouTube..

1949 Buick Roadmaster - YouTube


1949 Buick Roadmaster 4 Door

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Thank you for listening to me, when I thought, "C'mon, Jerry, show us what's in those mouse holes!" Sure enough, you bent down and we got a glimpse of daylight behind that Venti-port screen. So incredibly cool! Have I mentioned this week how much I want a '49 Buick?

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Beautiful car. I think the 49's are some of the best looking 4 doors. My wife loves the 49's. Can we see it again with a little piano music in the background. :) thanks for sharing Jerry

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