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Buicks around 1920 - chain drive to cams or gears ?

Guest Kenneth Gasmier

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Guest Kenneth Gasmier

Dear All

I am researching a rare make of english car the Ryner - Wilson of 1920.

Ryner worked for Buick and was an admirer of Buick designs. Not a lot is known about his own car's design and one of the main features I am trying to fill in is the drive to the camshafts. (it had two camshafts either sid e like an english Riley)

I am going to say that perhaps it copied Buicks of the time. However my area of expertise is very much in english cars and I do not know whether Buicks utilised chain drive to the camshaft or gears or a combination of both.

SO I need to know what Buicks of around 1918 - 1920 used. I used to know a man called Keith Vaughan here who had the exact era Buick I need to look at but he has moved on from here, unfortunately.

I bleieve the cylinder head was internally the same as buick and machined.

Many thanks


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