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Question about "how many are left?"


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Many years ago, I had sent something like $20 to this outfit in La Mesa, California, called the Automotive Information Clearinghouse, which gave an extrapolation about how many of a particular make, model, and body style were "left" (which I take to mean currently registered, but not abandoned or non-registered vehicles). They supplied figures for the country, as well as one's home state. I had no problems in obtaining the information, nor did my friends, but this was well over a decade ago; the figures for my car were provided in September of 1998.

As implied, I know that over the years, several people at car shows and cruise-ins would display this 8 1/2 x 11 "documentation", of which the tallies were hand-written. I found it interesting, if not entirely and necessarily accurate.

So, while I understand that such figures are probably not likely available with 100% accuracy, or anything near it (although with the advent of the internet and computers over the last 15 years, that may be more of a possibility), and that these are not "gospel", I would still like to obtain some such information with the intent of utilizing such information as something akin to a price guide, i.e., realizing it likely is a "ballpark estimate".

Is this AIC still around and available, or any other such similar service? I understand some will disparage to one degree or another the value of this, but all I'm looking for is a yes or no answer here, some positive or negative feedback without questioning my intent to do so, and anyone's recent experiences in dealing with any entity who might be able to provide this information.

Thanks again for any information or suggestions,


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Guest Jim_Edwards

I would think all the issues with identity theft and individual privacy have for all purposes shut down easy access to title and registration those types of firms would have needed to even begin to get close to a "how many are remaining" figure. At minimum it would take annual examination of all the title and registrations in each state and not even that would guarantee an even remotely accurate count. Unless titles are surrendered when a car is abandoned along the fence rows to rust down to nothing the count would be off.

If you acquire a parts car from an individual via bill of sale the count is off. In years past many cars hit the cruncher without ever having titles surrendered so the count is off. Simply put, there is no way to have a 100% accurate count unless a car was of very limited production, like the Tucker.

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Yes, identity issues have closed down many while some states have public access to some data still. I have access to a few states title registrations with some being current and some a couple years old but they do help track down previous owners through VIN numbers as well as gives a list of other cars with the same codes and years.

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