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Radio Repair, Tubes and Help

Guest radioman1490

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Guest radioman1490

Thanks for looking!

Over 5000 vacuum tubes for sale in my collection.

If you are in need of replacement vacuum tubes, capacitors, or help with a dead vintage car radio please contact me.

#1. I am not a radio business. I am an experienced hobbiest that has a fantastic supply of antique and vintage radio parts and supplies.

#2 feel free to send me with tube wants or radio parts wants home, automobile and phonograph.

#3 if I or you have a schematic of the set you are having problems with chances are I can fix it. I would ask that you please pay postage both ways and if I cannot repair the set you will not be charged any amount of money for diagnosis or labor. this is a hobby of mine and a great way to help other people in the hobby.

send your needs and we can decide if we can help.

Thanks and happy motoring!

Rich Saullo

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Guest pyrodork

hi rich,

i have 2 philco radios for my 37 ply (the correct radios of the year). i just recently got the second one to hopefully help me fix the first one.

i replaced the caps, wiring, and a few tubes in radio A. i got a station to tune in, but could not get any volume (the volume knob does work, but there's little amplification). i replaced the speaker surround and that slightly improved the volume, but still nothing noticeable.

radio B... i swapped a variety of tube combinations to test radio A, with no change. i plugged in the speaker from radio B, with no change. i had an extra speaker surround, so i replaced that on the speaker from B and still no change. i'm in the process of buying caps and components for radio B to test that one by itself.

i'm not sure where else to turn as to fixing these; especially since i'm financially strained right now. i do know of a speaker shop in the area that i was going to go to in order to have them test the speakers themselves, but haven't tried that yet. i have a 42 philco console radio that i restored... tried plugging in the car radio speaker to that and the console started smoking (must be a different wiring setup).

also wondering about "the can". it's got a painted yellow terminal and a painted green terminal. i know it's a cap, but not sure what it's for. i did wire new caps to replace it, but it made no difference.

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Guest radioman1490


I believe your speaker has a transformer on it? Please tell me if I am wrong.

It needs to be checked first off.

Second it still sounds like you have a bad Cap pulling the output down.

Is there a cap right off the power wire input?

Is there a unchanged cap in the area of the antenna input jack?

Please let me know and also what are the output tube heater voltages??



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Guest pyrodork

model is C-1450. i think the new one i got is a 1451, but i don't remember.

yes, the speaker has the transformer on it. not sure how to remove it or check it.

there is no cap right off the power wire input, but there's two small cans (1/2" wide by about 2" long) underneath on the tube side right next to the vibrator, and i don't know what they're for.

aside from the larger (1-1/4" wide by 4" long) can with the green/yellow terminals (it's got two caps inside, plus something rating the can itself), all known caps have been replaced. i did put new caps in place of the can, but it made no difference. one of them got shorted accidentally, so i put the can back in place.

not sure about what the output tube heater voltages are, but the tubes are 41, 75, 78 (x2), 84, and 6A7.


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