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1941 Buick Coupe window regulator


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The gearing is bad the driver's door regulator, on my '41 Buick Roadmaster coupe, it is very difficult to wind the window up and down. I have it off and can see where the gears are messed up, so that is the problem, for sure.

So, does anyone have a spare that they could sell me, or do they interchange with any other models, like some of the post-war coupes?

Or, what might be the best way to repair mine?

Thanks in advance!


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There are window regulator repair kits available for many models of Buick that include the stripped out gear in yours. These come up on eBay from time to time. You may need to take yours apart to see exactly what the gear looks like to find a match. I had a stripped gear in my 1930 Buick Coupe and was eventually able to locate a window regulator from a 1927 model that had the same gear with which I was able use to repair mine. I suspect that yours will be a bit easier to locate. Also check at The Filling Station, Chevrolet & GMC Vintage, Classic & Street Rod Parts to see if a Chevy repair kit will work for you.


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