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Ebay reatta watch


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I bought one a while back. IIRC, it came from Hong Kong in about two weeks. Cost was like $1.99 for the watch and $14.99 for s/h. If anyone is interested, I could look up the sellers name.

For the price paid, it is ok. The dial is a simple plastic disc with the Reatta design molded in. There are no markings at all on the rear of the case, so no manufacturer identification or water resistance rating. Accuracy is typical quartz - a few seconds fast per month.

I tossed the metal flex band in a drawer and put on a cheapo ($9.00) leather Spidel band. The leather band really improved its looks, and is certainly more comfortable to wear.


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I fully agree we have to be very careful when buy on Ebay especially from foreign countries. My sister purchased this watch for me about a year ago and and I am very happy with it. It looks good and keeps perfect time.


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Jims watch is pretty much identical to mine, including the original band. The only difference is his has a 'full size' logo, whereas mine is a bit smaller but has that semi-circle between 8 and 4, with the hour markers. I bought the latter because in the ad on ebay, the semi-circle and hour markers in the photo looked somehow more metallic than they really are in person. In retrospect, probably should have gotten the style Jim has.

Correction to my recollections above: It was $0.99 for the watch and $13.50 for s/h. Ebay seller was 'payu357'. They advertise them both ways. There are a couple on ebay right now for $14.24 and free shipping.

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