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"Peanuts" and Ford


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Peanuts Comic Strip, February 05, 2012 on GoComics.com

Thought it was kinda cool that today's strip (originally from 1965) shows what is clearly a 1965 LTD sedan. I can't remember ever seeing another Peanuts daily or Sunday that tied in the Ford advertising connection like this one does.

Charlie Brown's dad was a barber. Guess he was doing alright for himself to own a new LTD!

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The "Peanuts" characters were used in Ford advertising for a few years in the sixties. I have seen them in print ads for the Falcon. They might have been used in other Ford campaigns. Does anybody else recall this?

I think that this was an early case of product placement.

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I knew Ford started using Peanuts characters in the late '50s, but I thought that 1965 was well after they stopped. I used to have a 1960 Falcon, and the Peanuts characters were used extensively in 1961 and 1962 Falcon ads.

Googling the various terms I discovered that they began using them in either 1957 or 1959 depending on who you listen to. However the last ad or commercial I can find using Peanuts characters is for the 1964 Falcon. I think by 1965 Ford had dropped Peanuts, and maybe Charles Shultz was trying to get them back by (clearly) putting their car in the strip.

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