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1923 Oldsmobile truck engine

Guest MichelleGF

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Guest MichelleGF

My dad bought a 1923 Oldsmobile truck from his uncle in 1993. He is the 3rd owner of this truck. It was running great but recently started having engine problems. Does anyone know of someone near Jacksonville, FL that would be will to do some engine repair? We are having a hard time because no one will touch it. I am hoping we can find someone to help us get it back on the road. My sisters & I love riding in it with our kids!



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Michelle, normally I try to stay away from duplicate posts but you might want to put this up in AACA General or Technical too so it doesn't get lost. Someone here will know who can fix this engine. Go back to AACA homepage, do a search on AACA Florida Regions and my guess is you will find someone willing to help.

If no results here, try the HAMB THE H.A.M.B. - Powered by vBulletin

Those guys, though geared more to oldschool hotrods, are very in tune with old.

I think you've run into the same thing a lot of us do with old cars. Modern mechanics don't understand them and are afraid to work on them. More to the point they know they probably won't make any money on the job and don't want to warranty work on old cars.

I look at it this way. An engine is an engine, and machine work is machine work. Between AACA and HAMB, somebody, somewhere will be able to repair your Economy Truck.

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