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1930 Cadillac 5 Passenger Coupe (Vicky)

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I am restoring a 1930 Cadillac Vicky that I bought as a total basket case back in 1984. Being the third person to own this car from when it was taken apart in the mid sixties?? things get lost.

I am in need of the trunk deck lid lock striker. A striker from another GM style Vicky such as Chevy, Buick or Lasalle might be the same. I was able to use the lock from a 1932 Chevy rumble lid and just changed the 4 mounting screws to mounting screw holes and you cant tell the difference.

If anyone has a extra one or a casting to sell I would be interested. Also if anyone has a picture of one would be a great help as I have never seen one to know what is correct. Thanks

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Hi Pat

I have no picture of the part and never seen one. I looked at two other unrestored cars and they were also missing.

The two screw holes are a bit off set and about 1 In. centre to centre .The area that catches the lock bolt will be below the screw holes. I think it might be the same type of catch that is on the door. As there is no rectangular opening in the body for the bolt to go into like on a rumble seat lid.

Thanks Joe

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