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McDonough Model 60

Guest OL63Galxyconv

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Guest OL63Galxyconv

Trying to find even somebody who seen one of these back in the 60s or online on a few sites has been as hard to find as bigfoot. I have found next to nothing as to what the reason why somebody purchased one of these around 1959-1960. The only thing I was told was that some of the farmers out in the mid-west used these to check the animals in the field or check the fence for repair. True? Don't know. Maybe the prelude to the ATV ? The version of this vehicle in the early teens in photos gives the impression of a "fun" or "pleasure" vehicle. There are two of these in the Hershey car museum. Would love to hear from anybody who seen these or has any info on these. There is pictures of mine restored in my gallery of photos.

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