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Another Cure

Remove the bin or the CD player and insert modified cup holder. Body frame and dash parts do not need to be modified. The bin or the CD player can be put back later to return the car to original.

The attached pictures are the cup holder I installed into my TC last fall. If any one is interested I can send them more details of the modification.

The part# on the cup holder is:

LP 60216


I got mine out of an 89 Daytona for $10 on craigslist. A Chrysler dealer did a part cross reference and said the same part was used in:

Daytona 84-89

LeBaron 87/88

Laser 84-87

A few dremel tool attachments can cut away the plastic that interferes with the fit into the TC.

I have not finished the installation. I not sure when I will get back to it. I want to add plastic wood covering to the front edge of the cup holder. I have the plastic piece from a 90/91 steering wheel to cut back and glue onto the cup holder but it is about one inch to short to cover the entire black edge on the cup holder. The cup holder would then have 1/2 inch of black plastic on both sides. The rounded edges of the radio bezel might look better. One bezel could be cut up to make a covering for two cup holders. As of yet I do not have an extra plastic wood radio bezel.




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There is a guy on craigslist in Idaho parting out his 88 Daytona. I texted him and he wants $35 for the cup holder. That is to much for me to have an extra cup holder.

Craigslist listing is

Parting out 2 Dodge Daytonas

Steve 208 906-5111

You can search all of Craigslist with

Craigslist Search, Craigslist.com Search All Of Craigslist!!!

I have found many parts for my TC through this web search

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I will get one of these cup holders $50 on ebay. I see you dremmeled off the top plastic lip and holes. Any other advise for me? I like what you have done here. I have purchased the acrylic one that George makes and I love it. He makes a quality piece and is very kind in the sales process through ebay. It has been very helpful for years but I always wanted this type of cup holder and now I can have it thanks to you.

Funny thing, I broke the expensive wood trim bezel when removing my radio to send for overhauling. I replaced it with a brand mint used one from Larry at TC parts.com. For some unknown reason I kept the old one and will use it to decorate the cup holder drawer front as you recommended. You are a genious!

BTW I have added a self dimming automatic rearview mirror with compass and temp readout which DOES turn on the map lights built into the mirror unit when the doors open (there is a secret to make this work) and an automatic headlamp control with a factory look to it. Let me know if you want to know about these.

Please reply with any additional hints or other customization you have done to the TC.

Kind regards,

Stephen :)

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Bob, sorry for the delayed reply I was out of town. I am "assuming" that the mirror, temp, & compas functions work and the built in lights "DO" come on if you press the buttons, just "NOT" when the doors are opened (if this is "not" the case let me know and I will help you further). OK to make the lights built into a Gentex/Donnely mirror turn on with the doors opened you will need to understand that in the factory harness/plug tucked up in the header under the leather which went to the original mirror (which was a manual flip style with built in lights) had 3 leads suplying to the lights. 1= ground constant, 1= 12v positive constant and 1= a magic triggered ground suplied by a relay "ONLY" when the door is opened (and stays on for 30 +/-4 seconds through an illuminated entry timer) or when the headlamp knob is turned to turn on the interior lights (if none of the afformentiond variables exist for turning on the lights that triggered ground goes dormant and the lights go off as they should) That is the magic 3rd wire. (you may have used a new harness with your new mirror and bypassed that connector in the header, if so, it will need to be resurected to use that "one" magic triggered ground lead in your equasion) You can use a multimeter to figure out which is which or you can experiment with the old mirror you took off. When you figure out which wire that is; the "tricky part" is you have to figure out which pin on the NEW mirror is the ground trigger to turn on the maplights. Since you presumeably already know which pin on the new mirror is +, which is ground, which is ignition on +, which 2 are for the temp sensor you can experiment and apply ground to the remaining pins and see which one (it is a ground not a +) triggers on the maplights (there will be either 2 or 3 of either 6, 7 or 8 pins left, 1 will be a reverse trigger (rarely used) to clear the mirror in reverse) OR you can buy a new mirror through Dave on Ebay (and then sell your old one on ebay therefore lowering your total cost for the upgrade) where I got mine for $159 and it will come with a "NEW" labeled harness (with 6 ft leads) with that MAGIC ground labeled. Mine works flawlessly (Dave will even switch the filter color of the compass/temp display which comes blue standard to green to match the radio/clock illumination like I did for free or you can do red like the dash lights too) like it came from the factory with this OR you can contact Dave the seller. He is nice and helpful. He also makes NEW custom harnesses for existing mirrors people find in junk yards, etc. for around $30. You can send him the #'s engraved into "your" new mirror and detailed photos of it and with that, this guy is the mirror guru, he can identify what model it is exactly and make you a new harness with that magic triggered ground lead labeled and you can wire it in using the MAGIC ground suply from the original harness in the headder for the factory mirror (this is the best location for picking up that magic triggered ground because it will allow for the maplights to have that nice timed delay of the factory Illuminated Entry System) and you will be all set. Write back if you need any more help. I understand this feature very well and will help as needed. Good luck now here's the link to my mirror and Dave: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

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