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Need Help IDing Delco Rear Shock??????


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The number I posted is the number on the arm not the tag the tag number is the one on the housing and in most cases you are right about a number some were, the end caps normally have that number to ID it. The number on the shock housing itself is no use because they use the same housing for many cars, it is the arm and the valving inside the shock that IDs it to a certain car. Also on rebuilt shocks one can not be sure if the end caps that were removed at the time of rebuilding were the ones put back on that came off it, some were just boxed with the number on the box and once the box was destroyed the number was gone. Thanks!!!!


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Marv, I believe that not even the arm is sufficient. I have seen the same arm number on two entirely different makes of cars, which were OEM without a doubt.


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