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Prototype/experimental carburetors


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Not trying to shamelessly promote my ads, but many do not look at the commercial ads forum, and I have listed several prototype and experimental carburetors most have never before seen, with pictures.


Links listed here!





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Prototype carburetors? Why Jon, I don't know if you ever heard of such a thing but I remember hearing about a guy who got a new car with an experimental carburetor. It wasn't supposed to be sold and he started getting 50 mpg and..................;) Todd C

PS--anything happening with transfering the Pontiac filmstrips?

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Maybe the reason they were not put into production was DECREASED mileage. :P

Seriously, I have always had a soft spot for history, and the evolution of the carburetor was very interesting to me. I have lots of prototypes that did not make production as well as several production "masters", and have stored many of them for 30 plus years. It is now time for others to store them.

Of the ones listed so far, my favorite is the 1933 Ford quasi-production unit; as I firmly believe this is the carb that spawned the old wives tale about the ultra high performance carb and the conspiracy to keep it off the market. :P

Some that may (or may not) get offered for sale:

Fish production carbs

First Carter 4 barrel prototype

First Stromberg production prototype

Only known Stromberg 3 barrel

A set of new old stock Carters for V-16 Cadillac

Stromberg model 97 production "master"

Stromberg model 48 production "master"

Stromberg model 81 production "master"


What is the current buzzword? Downsizing? ;)


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