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1953 Buick Roadmaster Paint


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Our 53 buick roadmaster 2 door hardtop was originally painted with an imperial blue roof and glacier blue body - code 87. We can find Ditzler PPG code of 10674 for the Imperial Blue and an Acme Rogers code of 7499 for the glacier blue on the internet but our local auto paint store here in Ontario Canada says they need Dupont codes to blend paint colours. Is anyone able to help us?


Don and Pat Palmer

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Hi Don-I just finished painting a 53 Roadmaster Reef Blue---a light blue metallic color. I first tried DuPont and compared their interpretation of the original color paint on the firewall. Their blue did not match up well with the original blue paint on the firewall underneath the heater ducting. I tried a sample mix from PPG and found they had a much better color match to the original blue-ended up spraying PPG.

My experience has been PPG has had pretty good mix codes for 50's colors but DuPont does not seem to have as much support for these older colors. Both companies sold paint to Buick in the 50s. If your car has good original paint in hidden spots this is the most reliable basis for choosing new paint in the original colors as color chip charts do not necessarily match your original body colors accurately. Most paint vendors will mix you 6-8 OZ amounts of paint so you can spray a test panel without spending a fortune on the trial.

In my case the color chip chart chip did match the body color pretty closely.

Martin Lum

53 Buick

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