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I need 1962 Buick Conv front seats.

Guest buickgeneral

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Guest buickgeneral

i have a 1962 buick special and i need front seats. front door inner panals and trimming that runs along the rear left and right side of the vehicle. A few other parts too, but the main thing i need right now:rolleyes: are the front seats .:( I have seats that came with the car when i bought it. But theyre the wrong seats. these are from a jaguar. Except the rear bench seat, I do have that. Its pictured in the photo showing the front of car leaning up against that wooden closet. Also not the right door paneling. The door panellng shown here the previous owner made out of wood, need the originals. Need kick panels also. Here are some photos or my car. Here are some links to some videos i made of my car on youtube sorry about the belts noises. I havent started the car in a year. http://youtu.be/xHNRe1eKOeo Any advice would be worth it thanks. Vid 2 http://youtu.be/fkKMCwHioCw



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