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Honda Spray Polish on cloudy taillight lens :thumbsup:


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Years ago my Acura dealer gave me a detailing kit that came with Honda Spray polish and I've used it ever since! The sport bike crowd also cherishes this stuff for their bug shields and detailing.

It's especially great on paint, chrome, and acrylic plastics like taillight lens and Fiero sail panel windows. My routine is to wash the car and then rub down the entire exterior with occasional polish sprayed in as I wipe off the remaining water. Working from top down using a microfiber towel or two. It blends better in warmer climates; not so well in 50 degrees or less.

Tonight I rubbed some on my cloudy lens and it removed the hazed appearance dramatically. The more you use it after each car wash, the better it gets. My Fiero taillamps are slick, smooth, and look brand new.

The formulation has gone through some changes throughout the years due to EPA regulations, but it's still good stuff. If you can find the old formula made by Next Dimension then it's the old best formula. The old formula seemed to bead up rainwater and last longer between washes. The newer formulas seem to have less petrol chemical smell and mostly carnauba sweet scent.

Amazon.com: Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish: Automotive

Quickly cleans, polishes and protects. A complete detailer in a can. Cleans and polishes all plastics, chrome, aluminum, and painted surfaces without water. Leaves a clean, streak-free finish with one application. Contains anti-static ingredients to repel dust and dirt. Protects finished surfaces from harmful UV rays. Leaves a long lasting high gloss finish.

Don't expect it to clean rough dirty swirled paint though! If you start out with clayed, smooth, buffed paint this spray will always maintain the deep look and makes metallic paint pop in the sunlight. I always receive compliments when drying off my cars at the car washes.

Here's a good example. Let me know if anyone else has used this stuff and your opinions.


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