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Hi all

I am looking for a water pump, fuel pump and oil pump for my 1931 Plymouth PA 4 cylinder.

The oil pump gears has play on the shaft as well as the gears are worn out.

The fuel pump diaphram is brittle and cracked

The water pump rear plate is rusted through and not sure if there should be a small hole besides teh square opening on it. The pulley is cracked and was welded somtime in the 70s. the front grease nipple is broken in its thread.

Any help would be appreciated.









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Can't help on most of your issues, but for the fuel pump you can get a rebuilding kit from Antique Auto Cellar which also does business as Then and Now Automotive.

There is a chance that Then and Now can rebuild the oil pump. You might check with them when you contact them for the fuel pump parts (assuming you want to rebuild it yourself, they have a rebuilding service).

You can probably make up a new water pump backing plate using hand tools. On the '33 water pump there is a small hole in addition to the square one. I believe it is to get a little circulation in the block prior to the thermostat opening up. Maybe that is the case on the '31 as well. Arthur Gould rebuilds water pumps (maybe its not him any more but perhaps his sons). He/they might have new pulleys. And, in any event, can probably rebuild the pump for you.

Contact information for those vendors can be found in the parts are of my web site. Plymouth Replacement Parts: Vendors

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Have an oil pump. Believe it is good. Will check if you are interested in that.

I have a backing plate for your water pump that is good. The small hole belongs there. FYI - if the inside of the backing plate is still good yours is probably OK. Not sure about your pump shaft. Does not look good. but may be ok in the bearing areas.


Does your shaft have any play in it or are the bushings good? I do have a spare but not willing to part with it until I can find a place to get new bushings.


Let me know.

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I have a few oil pumps but you can get a kit from      THEN AND NOW    auto      with the water pump     here is a tip-------there is supposed to be  fiber washer in front of the impeller        which keeps it close to back plate of pump       with out it you pump will be less able to keep motor cool      have some parts     contact at----------------bobnroman@yahoo.com

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