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WTB 1931 Studebaker President 8

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To Robert; This is a multi-make car club isn't it? As I have seen many Studebakers driven on tours. Am I not allowed to post for what I want on any of these sites as long as I don't affend.( accept You of course). I wish to find any 1929- 1932 President "8" restorable or for parts as I have a worthy project in mind. The more complete the better but the price needs to be fair......thankyou 417-634-0660.......Dan

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That's what I love about emails and the written word on the Internet, one can sometimes take meanings different ways.

So, some people would read

"List this in the Studebaker section! I'm trying to help you!"

and some others would read

"List this in the Studebaker section! How dumb can you be!" (and that's not a challenge)

If someone's only interest in life is Studebakers, not that there's anything wrong with that, then they very well may read just the Studebaker section, and not want to waste time reading about things like computer sensor codes and such.

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