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Stromberg BX3V carb. rebuilding

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I have a Stromberg BX3V down draft carb on my 27 Buick. Who does a good job rebuilding these carbs ?? Idles good but accel. pump doesn't seem to work good. I already but a kit in it, which didn't seem to help. Thanks

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This carb is a fairly easy one.

First, determine if you really have an accelerator pump problem. To do this, acquire a set of goggles, and a helper. Start the engine, and let it run a minute or so. You now KNOW there is fuel in the carburetor. Shut off the engine. Remove the air cleaner. Put on the goggles. Open the choke. Now look down into the carburetor, and have the helper depress the footfeed rapidly. You should see a spray of fuel into the carburetor. If not, the pump is not working.

If the pump does not work:

The pump in this carburetor basically is a cylinder with a piston and two valves.

When you lift the throttle, the inlet valve opens, the outlet valve closes, and the movement of the piston draws fuel into the cylinder through the inlet valve. When you press down on the throttle, the inlet valve closes, preventing fuel from traveling back into the bowl, the outlet valve opens, and the movement of the piston forces fuel out of the outlet valve through the pump jet (meters the timing of the fuel shot) and into the venturi area of the throat.

Possible faulty items:

(1) Stopped up passageway

(2) Defective inlet or outlet valve

(3) Defective pump

What type of skirt was on your pump? If it is neopreme and you use an ethanol based fuel, the skirt can become defective in a matter of HOURS. If the skirt is leather, it is a common practice to place a cardboard cylinder around the leather to protect it until installed. This tends to compress the leather. One should gently expand the leather AND SOAK IT IN A LIGHT MACHINE OIL before installing into the carburetor.

If none of the above solves your issue, give me a call, and I will try to talk you through it. 573-392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Wed central time).


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