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Making a new windshield frame


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I don't know if I'm stepping out too far, but I have a 1918 and 1924 Dodge Brothers Touring car, with only the two posts, no windshield. Has anybody made one out of new stock, to duplicate the original? Is there specifications I can obtain to do such a thing?

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From time to time there are windshield frames on ebay,I think it`s easier if you will find a used one,and cheaper too.If I remember right Dodge those yers had a rounded lower windshield fram on right and left side, so the easiest is to find one similar to that ,the upper frame is easier to made from almost any w. frames.

Leif in Sweden.

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Two leads I have stored may help.

Northfield Forming

N/C Industries

Sayre, Pa.

I had contacted Northfield looking for a hid'em moulding which they had a usable sample. Nice people. Show windshield frame fab.

Have no knowledge of N/C but they seem very heavy in windshield fabrication and even show a list of current patterns in stock.

That is where I would start looking.

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A few years ago there was a vendor with a display of repro WS frames. I have no other info. On the other hand the frame for my 39 Chevy was in bad shape. I scrounged 2 others in bad shape and with careful fitting and welding made a good one. Previous poster beat me to it. The guys from Sayre are who I was referring to.........Bob

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