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Antenna Coax Cable Connector


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I need the antenna coax cable for my 1941 Buick vacuum operated antenna. I could fabricate the coax cable myself, but I need the mating female coax connector to the antenna. The RF connector on the antenna has the following dimensions -

• Antenna Connection Threads: 5/8"-27 threads (I have a repro nut)

• Antenna Connection ID: 1/2"

• Antenna Connection Central Pin OD: 1/8"

The above dimensions are non-standard today. I need either the mating female connector or a fabricated coax cable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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Thank you for the above post for me to check ham radio connectors. The 1941 Buick vacuum antenna RF connector looks like a modern mini-UHF connector, but the dimensions are not the same.

• Buick RF connector threads = 3/8"-27 (mini-UHF connector threads = 3/8"-24)

• Buick RF connector central pin = 1/8" OD (mini-UHF connector central pin = 5/32" OD)

Thanks for your input.


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An update on my search for a radio antenna lead-in cable for my 1941 Buick with the vacuum actuated antenna - - - The problem in making this cable is that the connector at the antenna is no longer available. The radio end connector is a standard Motorola type connector, which is still used today. The antenna connector could be changed to match the antenna lead-in cable that is currently available, but I wanted to keep the antenna original, so I decided to make a cable to match the antenna.

Since a portion of the antenna cable is visible under the hood, where it passes through the firewall grommet, I covered the modern coax with wire loom material to conceal the modern plastic insulation. As shown in the attached pictures, I found that the best approach to making the cable was to modify the female end of an antenna extension cable. Antenna extension cables are available on eBay in different lengths. The only "custom" part used is a reproduction brass nut that mates to the antenna connector. In searching electronic surplus stores, I found some mating nuts made of aluminum; I purchased a few for 50 cents each.

I removed the insulation from the female end connector and cut off the brass shield extension shell flush with the center insulator. I also cut off the male end connector so that the nut and wire loom material could be installed. The nut needs a flange or stop on the female end connector. I found a brass tubing fitting that had an ID equal to the OD of the brass shield shell on the female connector that could be used to make a nut stop. I cut a small "ring" off of the brass fitting and soldered it to the brass connector to make a flange of sorts. After installing the nut and the wire loom material, I soldered a replacement Motorola plug to the other end.




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