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Buick Model 22-four-35 Clutch trouble

Guest JosR

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Hello fellas, I have my buick model 22-4-35 up and running and I ran into a clutch issue I need some guidance on since this is another area of this era of car where I'm lost. When I have the car in neutral and go to shift into first at an idle the gears want to grind even though I have the clutch pedal to the floor. I adjusted the clutch and the car does not move when I start it in gear so I'm a little stumped right now. I tapped on my multiple discs in the clutch while the clutch pedal was depressed to ensure they were not stuck and they are not. I bolted the multiple disc clutch assembly to the flywheel since the engine was all in pieces when I got the car. I opened my parts list book for this car and it shows a sizable spring that I don't recall having. Any ideas? Thanks for all of your help. Thanks, Josh 714 614-3396

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