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DB Touring Windshield


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Dave, thank you. You haven't steered me wrong yet, so I'll take your advice, and not bid on it. However, I am still looking for the two parts to the front windshield - last piece I need to restore my 1918 DB Touring. All I have is the two posts that fit into the cowl.

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Guest John1918

I have copied info from my Master Parts Book for tourer windshield stanchions.

Change from 5/8" to 11/16" diameter stanchion shank:- car 75796, June 1916. Windshield glass 39" wide.

Change to 1" narrower w/shield glass, -now 38" wide:- car 244 989, April 1918

Change from 11/16" to 7/8" stanchion shank:- car 308 237, January 1919

Change from vertical to sloping windshield:- car 364 634, July 1919

I can give more detailed info if you wish but it will take time to dismantle the book to copy.

Cheers, John

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